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18 1/2 Lyndhurst Rd Kingston 5 Jamaica876-926-4101
Or 876-926-7816
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Mdvl 3 Baptist Rd876-962-1697
MyPn 39 Chapleton Rd876-986-2133
Alpha Security Services (1984) Limited is a full service provider of static and electronic security solutions. Our security officers are trained professionals who employ techniques to preserve the assets of our clients and are guided by the philosophy to observe, prevent and report. Our electronic services division designs security solutions for various applications. We excel at mitigating a customer's security risk through solutions that consist of closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance, perimeter intrusion detection, and / or electronic access control devices. Our aim is to maintain the Alpha Security Services (1984) Limited as a leading provider of security & protection services and solutions in Jamaica.
Guard services (armed or unarmed)
Canine & Handler
Safety Escort services
Security Audits & Evaluations
24hr Central Station Monitoring
24hr Armed Response
Electronic Security Systems
Panic Systems
Remote Video Surveillance
CCTV Systems
Access Control Systems
Fire/Smoke Alarms
Gate Openers
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