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9 & 15 Trevennion Rd Kingston 5 Jamaica876-926-7931
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Or 876-929-8016
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Atlas Protection Limited is one of the largest and most experienced security companies in Jamaica. Our services are designed to preserve the safety and peace of mind of every law abiding Jamaican.

From branches in Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Brown's Town, Port Antonio, Morant Bay, May Pen and Mandeville we offer:

Rigorously trained and closely monitored guards-armed and unarmed
Attack trained canines and competent handlers VIP bodyguard service
Security consultants
Total security package at entertainment venues and major sporting events
Store detectives
Electronic alarm systems monitored by 24 hour central station
Crowd control specialists
Round-the clock emergency armed response service
State-of-the-art radio control centre in constant contact with mobile teams of supervisors
Polygraph examinations

Join the hundreds of individuals and companies Islandwide who rely on the excellent service that only Atlas can provide. It has the strength to carry your world on its shoulders. Atlas Protection Limited now offers a new service to our corporate clients and all owners, managers of stores, factories or any business place where theft is prevalent.

After a recent intensive training exercise conducted by first class crime specialists, Atlas now boasts a team of 9 professionals trained in:

Recognising the behaviour of shoplifters
Basic tactics for preventing the crime
Detection techniques when the crime does occur
Proper procedures for gathering evidence to ensure protection

Let the Atlas team show you how to stop the erosion of your profit margins.

Complete Security
Security Guards
Armoured Service & Electronic Security.
Security Guard and Patrol Services
Electronic Security
Armoured Services
Burglar Alarm Systems
Full Range of Armoured Services
Cash Management
Full Service ATM Machines
Payroll Disbursement, Delivery & Preparation
Vault Facilities for Storage of Valuables
Armed and Unarmed Guards
Security Consultants
V.I.P Bodyguard Services
Armoured Security Services
CCTV Camera Systems
Commercial Work
Emergency Service
Onsite Services
Residential Work.
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