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66 Paddington Terr Kingston 6 Jamaica876-946-0828
Avant Academy of Music offers personalized music lessons on several musical instruments. All music lessons are done one- on- one in air-conditioned comfort. Our primary offering includes the following:

Guitar lessons, Piano lessons, Drum lessons & Voice lessons

At Avant Academy of Music we guarantee that our music lessons will satisfy your needs and objectives. This will be accomplished in three steps:

1. We guarantee that we will seek first to understand your musical needs and dreams.

2. We will then match you with the appropriate music mentor to achieve those goals

3. We will continuously monitor your progress through weekly plans and end-of-term musical concerts to ensure that the stated goals are being accomplished.

The music instructors at Avant Academy come from a wide range of musical backgrounds so as to facilitate virtually any need that may arise. We will also create music courses specifically designed to suit your needs if we do not offer those particular lessons at the time of your enquiry.

We offer individualised and personalized music lessons. The Scheduling of music classes is very flexible for your convenience. We are open from 10 am to 8 pm, Mondays to Saturdays, in order to accommodate varying lifestyle needs from early in the morning, as well as after school and after work.

If you are interested in Guitar lessons, Piano lessons, Drum lessons & Voice lessons for yourself or a loved one please give us a call.

We cater for persons of all ages and stages who are interested in doing a music course and our desire that you have the gift of music in your life.

Call 946-0828 or visit us at 66 Paddington Terrace, Kingston 6 for more information.
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