Broadcasting Commission

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Driving Directions
What is the Commission

The electronic media, broadcast radio and television, as well as subscriber television, have profound and wide-reaching effects on many aspects of the daily lives of Jamaicans. The Broadcasting Commissionís role is to monitor and regulate these industries, balancing the interests of consumers, the industries and the creative community in implementing public policy and law.

The Commission is a statutory body established by the Broadcasting and Radio Re-Diffusion Amendment Act of 1986.

Prior to this, the broadcast media were monitored by the Broadcasting Authority, which was created by the Broadcasting and Radio Re-Diffusion Act of 1949. The Authorityís functions were incorporated into the Commission.

Who is the Commission

Members of the Commission are appointed by the Governor- General, after consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. Commissioners are appointed to serve for five years.

Commissioners meet monthly, or more regularly if necessary, to discuss and decide on matters relating to the Commissionís mandate.

The decisions of the Commission are carried out by a Secretariat, which is headed by an Executive Director.


To be the cutting-edge regulator that leads in the development and advancement of a dynamic electronic communications sector for the benefit of Jamaica and the Caribbean Community.


To carry out the provisions of the Broadcasting and Radio Re- Diffusion Act
To make and administer the Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulations
To evaluate applications and make recommendations to the responsible Minister
To monitor the transmission and operations of licensees.
To receive and investigate complaints
To advise the government on policy
To conduct and or commission research.