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Cardiovmeds is Jamaica's First Exclusive Distributor of Cardiac Open Heart Vascular Medical Supplies.

On this basis we take pride in saying we know the affairs of the heart. We understand the business, we understand the procedures and we understand the equipment needed to make the procedures successful and the patient's recovery period faster.

We also know that it is a stressful experience when a loved one is suffering from a heart condition. Our years of experience have taught us that while every caregiver desires the best service and the best quality product they also want the best price.

Cardiovmeds offers the Jamaican heart patients an option to purchase heart equipment and other supplies at a more reasonable price. Our open heart kit is the only one available that has a free cannula, and additional hemoconcentration technology complimentary.

We do not make ourselves exclusive dealers of any one supplier because we put our patients and physicians first. Our priority is to source what the patient requires from the supplier with the best technology.

Cardiovmeds is committed to providing the highest quality at the best price on all products.

First Exclusive Distributor of Cardiac Open Heart Vascular Medical Supplies
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