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Formerly Jamaica Wesleyan Bible College
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Caribbean Wesleyan College (CWC), is the most distinguished of its kind in the Caribbean and was established in 1996 after a merger of two Wesleyan Colleges in Jamaican and Barbados. Our history spans many decades, and we are noted for providing trained Pastors, Ministry Workers and Scholars for the Wesleyan Church amongst other Holiness churches.

The CWC has made its mission to prepare students for holistic Christian services witnessing, discipline and church governance, by exemplary biblical Wesleyan-Armenian doctrine and other academic disciplines. Our aim is to ensure that students, on departure of our institution, are capable of functioning as balanced Christian workers wherever they serve. They will seek to follow the will of the Lord, Jesus Christ and we guarantee they are grounded in biblical truth and are experienced Christians. All our students possess basic knowledge in the humanities and natural and social sciences. Our graduates understand and meet spiritual, legal and social requirements.

In the CWC environment, our students are trained alongside international staff and students. They preach, lead worship service and listen to others in your own chapel. They share meal times in comfortable dining facilities and their dormitories provide a restful haven.

The CWC make special exceptions to meet the varying needs of our students. We offer training opportunities for our mature students. You can take a single course whilst you decide on how you wish to proceed. You may audit a course, where you can attend the course but not sit the final exam (no credit), and you may do this with a short term intensive course (credit). There is access to financial aid and special payment plan. An online option exists for you to do some courses. If you wish to improve your CXC/CSEC grades, we can also help with this. For international students, the CWC will assist in obtaining the relevant documentation.

The Caribbean Wesleyan College is fully registered with the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) and fully accredited by The Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association (CETA).

Only college in Savanna-La-Mar;Students possess knowledge in the humanities, natural and social sciences;Graduates are capable of functioning as balanced Christian workers wherever they serve;Understand and meet spiritual, ethical, legal and social obligations
Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Pastoral Ministry
IWU Master's Degree in Leadership and Master of Divinity
Christian Leadership
Pastoral Counselling
Master's Degree in Leadership
Master of Divinity
Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Pastoral Ministry
Minors in Christian Leadership & Pastoral Counselling
Associate of Arts in Christian Ministries
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