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The year 1959 was a time of some historical note for customers in the Western Hemisphere. That was the time that Courts Brothers of the United Kingdom came to Jamaica and established the first Courts store at Cross Roads, in the country’s capital city, Kingston. The store was opened on May 15, 1959 under the patronage of Jerry Isaacs, General Manager and Sales Manager, Keith Fredericks.

During the 1950’s, Jamaica experienced rapid industrial development and significant inflows of foreign investments into the country. The arrival of Courts heralded a positive trend, as the company became the pacesetters in developing the standards for the importation, manufacturing and marketing of furniture and appliances in the island.

Several years into the company’s operation, Courts Brothers sold the company to the Cohen Family (also of the UK). They retained the name Courts as this was already a household name.

When Courts Cross Roads opened, only one floor existed and this housed the sales department as well as the warehouse. Back then, there were fifteen (15) employees which included eight (8) sales representatives all of whom were males. It was only in 2003 that the Warehouse was moved to Twickenham off Spanish Town Road.

The Cross Roads now has four (4) floors - two sales floors, a Credit and Collections floor and the Head Office, which is situated on the fourth floor.

Throughout the years, the company has significantly increased its customer base and is now a well-known brand throughout the Caribbean. Its name is synonymous with quality and affordable furniture and appliances as well as innovative promotions. The company has been a market leader since its inception and its bright yellow buildings dominate the capitals of every parish in the island.

Courts is a household name in Jamaica and has been impacting Jamaican lives for over five decades, the company continues to grow from strength to strength, improving its customer serviceand its product offerings on a consistent basic for its customers.

The company has served Jamaica well for almost 55 years and looks forward to continuing a long and successful operation while ‘Bringing Value Home’ to our customers.