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137 Mountain Vw Av Kingston 3 Jamaica876-928-5070
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Or 876-938-4249
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Excelsior Community College is a venerable college that never gets old in its continued commitment to excellence. Using its unique position as a Methodist college located in the Caribbean, Excelsior Community College is dedicated to the betterment of lives throughout the area.

Excelsior began in 1931 and was not only the first community college in Jamaica, but the largest as well. It was founded by Dr. Hon Aston Wesley Powell in the company of five students in January of that year. In 40 years, it grew to over 2,000 students and in 1950, the Methodist church entered into the development of the school. After 40 years, the community college introduced a formal launch and shortly thereafter commenced with an adult education program.

Later programs at the college included a nursing program, teacher training, computer studies, hospitality and tourism programs, a performing arts program, cosmetology department, computer science and management studies.

Excelsior Community College offers its students a wide variety of associate degree programs. You will find associate degrees in Information Technology, Environmental Studies and a wide variety of others. The main campus is located in Kingston, Jamaica. There are three other campuses located off-site in the city of Lyssons, St. Thomas. The school is accredited by the University Council of Jamaica.

The college offers students the opportunity to join a number of organisations that interest them. Yearly campus enrollment is approximately 2,000 students. You will find a number of activities that go beyond classroom learning. The college encourages students to join clubs and organisations to improve their quality of life as they are learning. Attending a two-year college gives you the opportunity to make certain which degree path you want to follow.

Many students go on to a four-year university after graduating from Excelsior Community College. Whether you are looking for an associate of nursing degree or computer science degree, you will find the right classes at Excelsior Community College. The faculty is dedicated to the success of its students. You will find a diverse culture on campus. Research your career path before choosing the associate degree that is right for you.

And the multiple locations of Excelsior Community College are such as :

137 Mountain
Vw Avenue
Kingston 3

Main Campus

Off Site Campus
20 South Camp Road
Kingston 4
876-928-3645 Or 876-930-0851 Or 876-928-0212 Or 876-930-7482

95-97 Church Street
876-632-1597 Or 876-938-2435

Wesley Grove PtMt
876-982-8711 Or 876-982-8787.
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