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First Union Financial Co Ltd

13 Barbados Ave Kingston 5 Jamaica
Shop 50 8 Ocean Blvd CSO



Union One Express is an international package and local delivery company. Our courier services provide customers with an international mailing address, (based in Florida) which allows clients to receive packages and mail subscribed. We also operate a local courier service where we provide deliveries across the island. The turnaround time is usually 3-5 business days after the items are delivered to the Miami address.

Union One Express also provides a service for clients who do not have a US credit card. Customer Services Representative will be delighted to assist with helping clients to get online. There are documents which are required to get the process started such as ID, TRN and the processing fee. Packages can be picked up at any of our seventeen (17) locations island wide. Clients can call the office and speak to any of our representatives. The membership fee is One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1500.00) and it is valid for one year. Clients, who are existing members of other courier companies, can obtain membership for FREE until their year ends, they are also required to take in proof of membership with a specific courier company.

Union One Express has its head office at 13 Barbados Avenue, Kingston 5, in New Kingston.

Please be advice that anywhere there is First Union Financial Company, there is a Union One Express.

Union One Express has unbeatable prices, excellent services and is the best courier service company around. Clients can join and shop with our credit card.

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