Forres Park & Blue Mountain Spa

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Location Mavis Bank
Location Mavis Bank
Mavis Bank876-927-8275
Forres Park Nature Retreat and Spa is nestled in the picturesque Blue Mountains. It is situated on a 60 acre coffee plantation and is the ideal base for exploring the Blue Mountains, Bird Watching, taking Coffee Farm Tours, River Tours and mountain biking or just plain do nothing but lie in a hammock and stare into Nature.

We offer tours to: -the Blue Mountain Peak, Cinchona Botanical Gardens, Abby Green Coffee Farm. We can also arrange the perfect retreat for your family, business or church groups.

Other amenities include: a full service Spa and a deck restaurant.

Forres Park is just 40 minutes from Papine and once you take the journey, you won’t be disappointed. Come discover another side of Jamaica.

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