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Angels Walks Rd Spanish Town, St Catherine Jamaica876-748-3227
Or 876-981-0977
Or 876-943-2108
Or 876-981-4809
Or 876-981-1655
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The G.C. Foster College of Physical Education & Sport, which operates a full-time residential institution, is established on approximately forty-one (41) acres of land, at Angels, Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica. The G.C. Foster College of Physical Education & Sport is located off the main highway leading from Spanish Town to Linstead and is approximately twenty (20) miles from Kingston, the nation‘s capital. The G.C. Foster College of Physical Education & Sport was established in the Caribbean in September 1980. The main objective of the college is to train specialist teachers in physical education and sport. The training spans a period of three academic years or six semesters and the final award gives qualified teachers status to all students who complete the three-year programme leading to a diploma. The mission of the G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sport is to contribute to social and economic development through the optimal preparation of Physical Education teachers, athletes, recreation and sports specialists
utilizing qualified personnel and con-temporary resources.
Training for Teachers, Coaches and Sports Managers
Full time/Part time Degree & Diploma Coaching
CXC Subjects
MSC in Physical Education.
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