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15 Foreshore Rd Port Royal, Kingston Jamaica876-967-8220
1 High St Port Royal, Kingston Jamaica876-967-8066
Fax 876-967-8788
The most critically acclaimed seafood restaurants in Kingston, Gloria’s. Well known by tourists and Jamaican residents for their seafood cuisine situated in Port Royal, Kingston.

It was established in the early 70’s by Gloria Prowl. Gloria passed away in 1999 and the restaurant is now run by her children. Gloria’s specialises in preparing freshly caught seafood dishes including fried fish, steamed fish, curried lobster and honey-jerked shrimp. Side dishes include bammy, festival or rice and peas. The fish tea comes highly recommended
you won’t regret ordering a cup of this to sip whilst you wait for your food to arrive.

They also have chicken on the menu if dining with small children or have persons that don’t fancy seafood.

The ambience is rustic and rugged in keeping with the environment of Port Royal. This location is called “bottom shop”. There is also another Gloria’s restaurant in Port Royal which is called the “top shop”, which is also run by the same family and offers the same great food in an indoor environment.

We do catering for weddings, parties and reunions just to name a few. You may also place your orders in advance to reduce the wait when you get there.

During lunch time we also do deliveries of 15 and over lunch order per group.

Gloria’s is a thirty minute trip from Kingston and a ten minute drive from the Normal Manley airport, making it a great spot for your first taste of Jamaica after you land, our last taste before you leave.

The food is excellent and the prices are very affordable.

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Fried Fish
Steamed Fish
Escovitch Fish
Brown Stewed Fish
Curried Lobster
Curried Shrimp
Garlic Shrimp
Honey-Jerked Shrimp
Steam Bammy
Fried Bammy
Gloria's restaurant is the ultimate spot to dine and enjoy the best in local seafood dishes including fried fish, steamed fish, escovitch fish, curried lobster and honey-jerked shrimp, just to name a few.
We also do catering for Weddings, Parties and Reunions
Parking - Free