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Unit 7 1 Brumalia Rd Mandeville, Manchester Jamaica876-625-5736
Heart Institute Of The Caribbean Ltd was established in 2005. Heart Institute Of The Caribbean Ltd is an innovative, dynamic healthcare center that serves as the center of excellence for cardiovascular diseases (CVD), occupational health, diabetes care and general internal medicine in the West Indies. Heart Institute Of The Caribbean Ltd is located in Kingston, Jamaica and is the regional center for comprehensive and sophisticated diagnosis and management of all forms of heart diseases. Heart Institute Of The Caribbean Ltd provides expert diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and general medical conditions and consultative opinion locally and also remotely via a network of specialists linked by a global telemetrically network. These services were previously not available in Jamaica and the only option for patients in the region was to seek or procure such services in the USA, particularly in Florida. Heart Institute of the Caribbean is designed to meet the needs of heart patients, through a team approach to coordinated care provided by highly skilled doctors, nurses, and medical technicians. The concept of the Heart Institute of the Caribbean originated with the desire of the founding physicians to develop both their own range of services as well as the ability to provide these services to communities throughout the region.
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