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Consultant Neurosurgeon & Spinal Surgeon
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Dr Hunter is an internationally accomplished consultant neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon who was awarded the Braakmann Prize for the top performance in the European Final Board Examination of Neurosurgery in Luxembourg (2006).

Dr Hunter has lectured and taught at the University of the West Indies, Leeds University, The University of Liverpool and The University of London (Queen Mary).

He received training in microsurgical anatomy with the late internationally renowned and highly esteemed American neurosurgeon Professor Albert Rhoton at the McKnight Brain Institute in Gainesville, University of Florida, FL USA.

He completed a complex spinal fellowship in 2009 at the world famous Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery working with leading neurologist, neurosurgeons, neuropathologist, neurophysiologist, neuroradiologists, pain specialists and Neurorehabilitation physicians as well as allied physiotherapists and radiographers.

Dr Hunter has worked as a consultant neurological and spinal surgeon in the NHS and in private practice in London, UK and Jamaica. He contributed to the establishment of the London Trauma Network (2010) and has considerable experience in treating brain and spinal trauma / injuries. Dr Hunter has been a Link neurosurgeon for acute strokes working in the top performing Hyper-acute Stroke Unit (HASU) for London, dealing with acute strokes, both infarcts (i.e blockage stroke) and haemorrhage (i.e. Bleeding strokes), saving many lives along the way. Dr Hunter also made history in his neurological department in London by being awarded a historic 500, 000 for the establishment of the O-Arm, a high tech 3D navigation spinal platform (2010) for advanced keyhole spinal surgery.

Following an opportunity to return to Jamaica, which upon till then lacked cutting edge neurosurgery and minimally invasive key hole spinal surgery services, Dr Hunter established these advanced services throughout the entire length and breadth of Jamaica bringing cutting edge procedures to rural and metropolitan communities, where he has performed delicate and complex key-hole spinal and awake brain surgery working closely with top medical logistic experts and in the process benefiting countless patients with high satisfaction and in the process had zero mortality and zero paralysis utilizing highly advanced specialist equipment and first world implant technology. His team delivers State-of-the-Art neurosurgical care before, during and after surgery ensuring consistently highly satisfactory post-operative outcomes and consequently at an overall less costs to patients . By utilising cutting edge modern neurosurgery and spinal approaches treating brain aneurysms, brain tumours, and blood clots on the brain and spinal cord and nerve compression, Dr Hunter has never had an operation cancelled because of the unavailability of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) care or treatments.

Dr Hunter has acted as an expert neurological and spinal witness both in Jamaica and the United Kingdom for brain and spinal conditions / injuries and is often consulted for the latest cutting edge treatments performing many redo operations from elsewhere using minimalist approaches. He has been a sought after speaker on neurosurgical and spinal issues and has done international and local peer reviewed and open public lectures as well as print and electronic interviews(radio and television).

He offers the full range of specialist neurosurgical and spinal surgical treatments in adults and children throughout Jamaica including fluoroscopically guided selective spinal injections(neck and back), radiofrequency treatments for severe neck and back pain, leg pain, Radiofrequency Thermo Coagulation for Trigeminal Neuralgia and Pulsed Radiofrequency treatment for headache, scar pain and trigger point pain, brain haemorrhages, stroke, carotid end arterectomy, hydrocephalus, awake craniotomy for brain tumors, hydrocephalus (water in the head- VP shunt) pituitary tumour, awake key hole spinal surgery, laminectomy for spinal stenosis, microdiscectomy for slip disc / sciatica (pinch nerve), brachalgia - severe acute arm pain and numbness(stinger), osteoporotic spinal fractures (fragility fractures) (severe acute back pain), cutting edge spinal treatments (performed the first Artificial Disc Replacement for damaged Cervical Herniated Disc-Cervical Arthroplasty and the first Kyphoplasty / balloon Vertebroplasty in Jamaica).

Dr Hunter was recognised for successfully performing the first Key Hole minimally invasive Spinal Fusion in Jamaica on a wheelchair-bound 92 year old lady suffering from excruciating back and leg pain, not responsive to chiropractic manoeuvres, pain meds and physio following failed-back surgery and who remains symptom free, off pain meds and ambulating at 94 yrs old.

Dr Hunter has successfully treated many patients from all over the world and is available for office as well as in hospital e
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