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Early debts are those which have been delinquent for 3 months or less. These are outsourced to us to ensure that the debts are regularized at the earliest possible time. We believe in the proactive approach to debt collection
that is, to begin the process of sourcing payments, which in turn lowers the incidents of bad debts / bad debt write, offs.

Approaches to Debt Collection

In collecting debts, International Credit Management Solutions applies two general approaches. Initially, we negotiate a settlement with your client. As creditor, you can produce a script for the settlement according to your particular circumstances. We refer to this process of negotiation with your client as Soft Debt Collection. If you desire, the necessary follow up can be done by mail using your letterhead. Where your client is not responsive to this type of Collection you will be informed in a progress report, and your client will be immediately transferred the Hard Debt Collection process which is more stringent.

Skip Tracking

Where you might be plagued with skip debtors, International Credit Management Solutions will conduct both local and overseas Skip tracing to locate these skip debtors. Our skip tracers will employ a myriad of strategies to locate such debtors. These include checking Court Records, phone numbers and other databases, information provided on a loan and other types of applications, criminal background checks, utility bills, social security’s, and other public databases. Where necessary, we may also call or visit persons who knew or were formerly affiliated with the skip debtors.

The Efficiency Of Our Face To Face Collection Service Our Face To Face Collection Service is quite efficient. We guarantee that within seven days of contacting us, you will be furnished with the information which is necessary for you to determine whether you need to litigate. We will verify addresses provided and let you know whether these are permanent or temporary. We will also provide you with information as to whether the debtor is actively operating. We wont just stop there but will interview the debtor, go to the debtors business location, notate assets, and work unflinchingly to get the debtor to make payments. At International Credit Management Solutions we commit to working through the entire process in as little a time as is working through the entire process in as little a time as is possible so as to ease the strains that debt may put on your business.

Get Accounts Receivable Training

International Credit Management Solutions believes that we should take a holistic approach in assisting our clients. We want you to make use of our top of the line services, but we also want to help you boost your own accounts department. As such, we offer effectual and timely Collection Training. International Credit Management Solutions has laid out a plan to help you improve your accounts receivable department. We have customized programmes to help you achieve the following. These measures will help you to collect your money in a shorter space of time. You will learn how to:

Handling the collection call
How to handle excuses given by debtors
Effective Collection letter, fax or e-mail
How to deal with the Customer who is difficult or irate
How to negotiate with Debtors.
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