Jamaican Assn On Intellectual Disabilities The (JAID)

Creating Opportunities, Transforming Lives
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Driving Directions
The Jamaican Association On Intellectual Disabilities (JAID) is a non-governmental organisation which was founded in 1955 by Randolph Lopez, a parent of a child with Down's syndrome. The Jamaica Association On Intellectual Disabilities (JAID) vision is to be the national unifying organisation in creating communities where PWIDD are empowered and fully integrated. Our mission is to provide services that will positively transform the lives of all persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities in the society.

JAID services are made available through the following projects:

Schools of Special Education
Early Intervention Programme
Resource Programme
Parents and Professionals in Partnership (PProP)
Adult Continuing Education Programme
Employment Support
Primary Intervention Programme.
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JAID provides the following services:
- Educational Assessment and Placement
- Psycho-educational Assessment
- Early Intervention and Special Education
- Transition and Vocational Services
- Continuing Education (in partnership with HEART)
- Integration Support
- Resource Programme Skills Training and Employment Assistance
- Social and Recreational Programming
- Social Services & Counseling
- Transition Services
- Professional Development
Providing services for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities including Down's Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, Autism, Physical Disabilities, ADHD
Social Services
The social service department (SSD) aims to provide social interventions that are ameliorative, rehabilitative, and preventative in nature. These interventions are undertaken so as to reduce the social challenges facing children with intellectual disabilities that would impact on their educational and social development.
Programmes undertaken by the SSD have a national geographic reach impacting beneficiaries through the 27 Schools of Special Education islandwide.
Major Responsibilities
The Social Services Department provides services designed to enhance the social functioning of the individual student. These services include:
(1) Direct casework with student and/ or family (to ensure adequate support for the student).
(2) Collaborating with agencies as well as utilization of appropriate community resources in the best interest of the child with intellectual disabilities.
(3) Consultation and collaboration with school personnel e.g. Guidance Counsellors
(4) Coordination of School and community efforts to ensure satisfactory working relationships the school, home and community agencies.
(5) Identification and treatment of potential social difficulties before it becomes acute.