Lloyd J. Robinson & Assocs

12A Mona Rd Kingston 6 Jamaica876-977-2165
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Lloyd J. Robinson & Associates is the face of change for architecture in Jamaica. We believe in putting our clients first by ensuring that we achieve the goals and targets set for us by our clients. We believe in giving of our best on all projects regardless of scope or value. The implementation of green architecture into our designs is paramount in the facilitating of sustainability for the future.

Lloyd J. Robinson & Associates has been established since 1978, and has over thirty three years of experience practising in Jamaica and also in other areas of the Caribbean. We have worked on numerous civic, commercial, and residential buildings for which we have provided consultancy services in the various states.

We take great pride in helping our clients determine the best value for their budgets and in helping agencies align priorities with funding availability. We assist them with market trend analysis, negotiations support, and contract management, as well as cost and time control of projects. Our group of diverse individuals is dedicated to the same result of providing value for our clients.

The philosophy of the firm is that we never just settle for giving the client what they want, we give them what they never imagined in their wildest dreams to be possible.

Lloyd J. Robinson & Associates is an amazing company to work with. The qualifications, experience and dedication of our staff allow us to do what we do and to do it well. We can truly say we are the consultant of choice. We look forward to partnering with your organisation, if our services should be required.