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Courteous, sympathetic funeral & cemetery service
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Lyn's Funeral Home Ltd offers Professional Embalming, Funeral and Cemetery Services. Lyn's Funeral Home Ltd offers attractive funeral packages that will suit the clients in exceeding expectations. Lyn's Funeral Home Ltd. and Oaklawn Memorial Gardens Ltd. Offer courteous, sympathetic funeral and cemetery services

Two years shy of four decades of service to Manchester and the wider community, Lyn's Funeral Home is an established third generation family business. It was started in 1974 in Coleyville, North-East, Manchester by Calvin and Sylvia Lyn. Now, their only child Juliet Lyn-Chuck and her son Dayne Chuck have taken their places alongside their elders carrying out the daily functions.

Lynís Funeral Home started Friday, March 15, 1974 with one station wagon converted to a hearse. For more than decades of years in this business, we have catered to the communities of Jamaica with dedication and compassion.

Our sole aim is to help families who have lost their loved ones get through the toughest time of their lives by providing quality and trustworthy funeral services.

Why choose us?

We were the first ones:
Play sacred music which is now being followed everywhere
Institute proper attire by means of a shirt and necktie for funeral staff members (driver and attendant)
Milestones achieved during our journey
Added the Cadillac Hearse in late 1974
Sylvia Lyn did Embalming Course Ė Florida 1974-76
Juliet Lyn-Chuck-daughter of the founders joined the company after graduating from Mortuary school in Florida 1987 with a degree in Mortuary Science
The Company established Oaklawn Memorial Gardens Ltd. In 1987 with chapel facilities at Dunsinane, Mandeville
Office re-located to 1 Ridgemount Crescent, Mandeville in the year 1996
Repatriation of human remains overseas and local 1 Royal carriage 2003u
Grandson Dayne Chuck joined company-2007 with a degree in (INT) Mortuary Science
First Tryke Hearse- 2010
Import & export human remains
Cremation services
Prompt removals
Life presentations
Professional & punctual service
Grief counseling
Funeral clothing & accessories
Vaults construction, caskets, wreath, urns
Programmes & bookmarks
Exhumation services