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Mack Jones (Locksmith) Limited is your trusted safe cracking expert. With a vast experience in high security safes, ATMs, bank vaults, and every safe within homes and businesses, we can carefully open and repair your safe. Safe cracking is an art, a skill and takes patience, perseverance, knowledge, and an understanding of precisely how safes are built and designed. Just about any safe or vault are typically returned to service after a professional opening, with little or no signs of the breach, as long as the proper techniques are utilised to open and fix it.

We are experts in damage-free, or in those cases where "manipulation" is not a possible option, minimal-damage openings. We utilise only those opening, repair and service procedures which are recommended or endorsed by the world's major safe and vault engineers and by virtually all of the major OEM safe & vault service sectors. We also service all the major brands and types of safes and vaults including:

Bank and mercantile vaults, ATMs, night depositories and all manner of banking equipment.

High security jeweller's safes

Insulated fire and data safes, vaults and fire-resistant files.

Jamaica Government (GSA) Security Containers including inspecting & recertification of GSA containers.

Money depositories and commercial safes frequently used in supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

Heirloom, antique, rare, exotic, unusual and unique safes and vaults.

Along with the advanced training, skills and experience required, Mack Jones also employs many custom-designed tools, as well as other excellent equipment to assist open your safe or vault, such as safe-lock, re-locking device and boltwork manipulation tools, high security key lock picking devices, high-speed drilling machines, medical-grade fibre optic instruments, high-tech lighting devices and miniature, high-resolution video systems. Use of this equipment allows us to minimise damage to your safe orvault and also to the valuable contents in it, while opening it in the most efficient and affordable manner.

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