Medical Technologies (Meditech) Ltd

"Improving health care through science and Technology"
Shops 1 & 2 22 Northside Plaza Kingston 6 Jamaica876-702-4585
Medical Technologies Ltd. was incorporated in December 2007 to meet the high demand for orthopedic implants and medical equipment.

We are a small company with seven (7) well qualified and rounded individuals who strive to fulfill the needs of our clients through developing solid business relationships with companies across the world.

Since our inception, we have developed several relationships with some of the world's finest orthopedic and Neuro surgical companies. We currently hold exclusive trading rights with Osteotech and SpineFrontier for Jamaica and the Caribbean region.

How We Work:

For invasive procedures, our well trained staff, together with consultant surgeons determines the optimum product and technique mix required for the best surgical outcome. In those instances where a non-invasive measure, e.g. braces and collars are required, useful recommendations are made by our staff.


The advantages of working together with Medical Technologies are clear. Our professional and exclusive relationships extend beyond sales. Our focus concentrates on the provision of a series of complimentary services which assist the patient pre and post surgery.

Best Support:

Our knowledgeable staff is quite capable of making recommendations to both health care professionals as well as our client’s everyday. We have ensured that they are well trained in the use of the products and devices for which we have responsibility and make sure that we are all familiar with innovations in their use. Ongoing education is as critical to us as it is to you, our valued partners and clients.
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Upper Spine
Lower Spine
Posterior Spinal System
OCT Reconstruction System
Anterior Spinal Systems
Orthopedic Reconstruction
Grafton Demineralised Bone Matrix
Plexur Bone Void Filler
Graftech Structural Allograft
Traditional Allograft
Drills Systems & Bits
Disposables & Other Products
Aspen Collar
Aspen Thoracic Extention
Aspen CTO
Sierra Collar
Pediatric Collar
Vista Collar
Vista Thoracic Extension
Halo Braces & Vest