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Optimum Trading Limited continuously strives to provide health care products at the most competitive prices. We are a one stop shop for all health care related products, providing the widest selection of medical supplies and dental equipment.

Spanning over 20 years, we have distributed over 4000 products and equipment (small and large) for leading manufacturers like 3M ESPE, Henry Schein, Novocol, Miltex and Rite-Dent, Dentsply, Summit Dental, Biolase, Denterprize and many others.

Optimum Trading Limited is a full service supplier of Dental, Medical and Veterinary products. Our team is motivated to drive innovation in health care through solutions tailored to each healthcare professional tool in veterinary medicine and animal care. When it comes to health care and medicine, we have the best medical products in the industry.

What spearheads our company is our commitment to success, endeavour to excel and the passion for what we do. Our team is motivated to bring the best medical solutions to companies through our branded products and quality equipment.

Optimum has a pleasant and fun loving team of full and part time members dedicated to giving you optimal customer service.

At Optimum Trading Limited, we ensure all our medical supplies, equipment and healthcare products are stored and preserved at favourable conditions. This helps in maintaining the quality of all our medical products like dental surgical instruments, pharmaceutical products, veterinary medicine and more.

We have adopted some strict guidelines that involve inspection, maintenance checks, and disposal of unwanted or expired medical equipment. Through our staunch procedures of medical equipment management, we have developed a way to keep our customers happy and your business happy.

Our purpose is to ensure that equipment and systems used in patient care are operational, safe and properly configured to meet the requirements of any health practitioner. We support any and all manufacturer warranties.

This helps in limiting the potential for loss, harm, or damage of the equipment.

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Islandwide Delivery Available. Delivery is done within 24 hours
Monthly to Bi-Monthly
Check Air Compressor
Check all filters and change if needed
Check all lights for drift and adjust if needed as well as replacing bulbs.
Clean interior and exterior of sterilizer(s), including reservoir.
Check chairside trap screens and lid rings for wear and replace if necessary Disassemble and lubricate vacuum valves (HVE and SE).
Heck oil on oil-lubricated compressors and drain the compressor tank.
Empty and clean out the bottles of self-contained water systems.
Lubricate joints in operating lights, sterilizer door hinges, air/water syringe buttons
Check handpiece pressure and tubings
Check vacuum system and pressure
Semi- Annual
Check hydraulic fluid of patient chair.
Clean model trimmer wheel and drain lines.
Check tubing on delivery systems, nitrous, and vacuum as well as hand-picked gaskets and/or coupler rings for signs of wear.
Check filters on compressor and central vacuum.
Check compressor oil (if oil lubricated)
A minimum maintenance fee of $7,500 + GCT per month. This does not include replacement parts and will be billed based on the warranty and supplier of the equipment. Save 10% of all replacement parts under this programme.