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Precision Imaging Centre's main focus is the delivery of First Class Medical Diagnostic and Interventional Services.

Our vision is to provide premier diagnostic and intervention services in General Radiology, Breast Imaging and Tissue intervention. We hope to capture at least 50% of the Breast Imaging Market in Jamaica by offering high quality care. The business is headed by Dr Derria Cornwall, Consultant Radiologist, University Hospital of the West Indies. Dr, Cornwall is a well known specialist in Breast Imaging and General Radiology and has been practicing for in excess of 10 years.

There is a high incidence of breast cancer in Jamaica, with 4 per 100,000 women in Kingston & St Andrew having the disease. Predictions are that 1 in 21 women in the island will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Women 40 years and older are advised to get annual mammogram screenings, but with no functioning mammography machines currently in the public hospitals, Precision Imaging Centre is poised to help increase awareness of the need for screening and one of the centres that provides first class service in this area. The Vision Achievers Programme will be invaluable in assisting in the execution of a programme that reaches women in need. Our equipment has the capacity for guided interventions and tele-radiology.

Subsequent expansion of the services is planned for the near future to include the perceived needs of other communities in and outside of Kingston and St Andrew.

Precision Imaging Centre is located in Cross Roads, an ideal location for this business with a high density of potential ‘walk in” customers. This is also a central location for referrals from other physicians.

Precision Imaging Centre brings Radiology Solutions for all.

MRI scans are probably the safest of all imaging examinations. The process does not require the use of ionizing radiation, and contrast media used during an MRI has a very low incidence of side effects. Today’s MRI scans provide your physician or specialist with a view of your body from almost any plane. Precision Imaging Centers has the most powerful MRI diagnostic tool available that produces high definition images in superior detail.

Positron Emission Tomography, or PET scan, is a nuclear imaging technique used to measure the metabolic activity in tissue cells. The digital data acquired from a PET scan will indicate whether the cell in question has a normal, excessive or decreased metabolism. The results from PET scans only identify anomalies in the area of the body that was scanned.

Computed Axial Tomography, commonly called a CAT scan or CT Scan, provides today’s physicians with a relatively inexpensive imaging tool for the diagnosis of many different diseases, defects and injuries. Using digital capture, a CT scan collects multiple X-ray images and constructs a picture of the body from cross-sectional slices (or tomograms).

Precision Imaging Centers use full-field digital mammography for diagnostic accuracy and the early detection of breast disease. Our state-of-the-art equipment captures images digitally and feeds the data to computer-aided detection software used to interpret your results. All stages are supervised by highly trained radiologists and academic radiology sub-specialists.

Digital 4-D ultrasound creates images of soft tissue and internal organs by reflecting sound waves off the internal anatomic structures. In turn, our radiologists have more information of a better quality to use for an effective diagnosis.
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