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It is important to our environment that we use products that are environmentally friendly. Sanmerna Paper Products Ltd. Is aiding this cause through the distribution of our locally manufactured toilet tissue and paper towels.

Located at 2A Asheniem Road, Kingston 11, we manufacture for wholesale and retail distribution the Sophie Soft Dreams, Ocean View and Finesse brand toilet tissues and Sofie domestic hand towels for household use. We are also manufacturer of industrial hand towel, jumbo industrial hand towel and toilet tissue in junior and jumbo roll sizes napkins.

Sanmerna Paper Products has been providing customers with locally manufactured products of the highest quality, which may be had at competitive prices. Our products can be found in your local wholesale and more recently on the shelves of some supermarkets, namely Super Plus and Shoppers Fair.

Sanmerna Paper Products prides itself on providing quality yet affordable paper products combined with an excellent customer service. We have gotten better at our functioning through ongoing rigorous research and by the hardworking nature of our highly motivated and skilled staff. We aim at becoming everybody’s preferred business partner, market place leader and outstanding corporate citizen. Thus, satisfying the needs of all our stakeholders.

At this moment, the need of the hour is to conserve our environment by using eco-friendly products. Sanmerna Paper Products Ltd. is doing its bit and supporting the cause by distributing locally manufactured paper products for your everyday use. We are continually striving to become your first choice in all sanitation and paper product needs.

Sanmerna Paper Products Ltd is into manufacturing of paper products for wholesale purposes. We also indulge in retail distribution of renowned toilet paper tissue brands such as Soft Dreams, Ocean View and Finesse. Take a look at some of the paper products we manufacture:

·Domestic Hand Towels
·Industrial Hand Towels
·Bathroom Toilet Papers
·Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue
·Paper Napkins
·Junior Toilet Tissue
·Medical Rolls/Bed Rolls.
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