Sothys Paris

With Sothys, live the absolute beauty experience.
Sothys Paris offers solutions for every skin and body type, color, age and concern. Come in for a professional skin analysis today and receive your personalized customized prescription for a daily regimen at home and a monthly in spa treatment schedule. Guaranteed to keep you looking your absolute best! The Exclusive Digi-Esthetique massage techniques ensure deep relaxation and wellness creating a healing environment.

Seasonal Events:

Sothys Paris creates an unprecedented treatment concept: Inspired by the benefits of nature, we offer you limited-edition treatment collections: original combinations of plant extracts for a sensorial and colorful escape that is continuously renewed every 6 months.

Seasonal Events for Face:

Orange / Grapefruit New Facial

A treatment concept in harmony with the changing seasons to give your skin all the essential elements it needs: radiance and tone for the hot months, comfort and nutrition for cooler months. Delicious fragrances and an developing ambience guaranteed.

Seasonal Events for Body:

Raspberry / Jasmine New Body Scrub and Massage Treatment

Each year a melting scrub and modeling massage syrup bring together a fruit, a flower and a color in a unique limited-edition sensorial escape.

Spa Services for Face:

Anti-Ageing / Anti-Wrinkle Facials Grade 1, 2, 3, 4

Grade 1, 2, 3 Acne Treatments

Brightening / Hyperpigmentation Removal

Hydrating / Radiance Facials

Vitamin C Intensive Rejuvenation

Lifting Collagen Facials

Newest Micro-dermabrasion Home Kit

Pore Refining Treatments

Organic Beauty Garden Facials

Men's Facials

Secrets Prestige Hormonal Ageing Facials

Body Treatments:

Slimming Silhouette Treatments

Firming Body Massages

Detoxifying Body Wraps

Cellulite Reduction

Stretchmarks Removal

Smoothe / Brighten Tired Skin

Organic Body Scrubs / Massages

Sun Care:



Sun Damage Repair

SPF 8 Iridescent Tanning Lotion

SPF 10, 20 Body Block

SPF 30+ for Face and Sensitive Areas

Intelligent Makeup for Complexion, Eyes, Lips and Nails:

Shades and Textures for everyone

Hydrating Foundations

Lifting Collagen Foundations

Long-lasting Sheer Blush

Velvet Bronzing Powder

Translucent Sheer Powder

Lip Care Pencil

Radiance Gloss

Hydra-Glide Lipstick

Intense-Look Eye Pencil

Eyebrow Pencil

New-Look Eye Shadow

Waterproof and Volume Mascara

Multi-Action Nail Enamel (3 in 1 - Base/Color/Top Coat)
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