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135 Dalling St Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland Jamaica876-955-2501
See Ad For Doyley's Funeral Parlour Under
See Ad for Doyley's Funeral Parlour under
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Here and abroad, Doyley's Funeral Service has been a household name for over five decades providing quality service to the Government of Jamaica and the Nation at large. Our Team offers the very best in customer care and caters to your every need - sending your beloved home in style.

We care at Doyley's and we understand your grief.

At Doyley's we offer the best in:

• Funeral Arrangements
• Home Visitation
• Prayer for the Bereaved Family
• Grief Counselling
• Embalming
• Limousine Service
• Modern Chapel Facility
• Dignified Burying places at St. Georges Memorial Park
• Post Mortem Services
• Cremation
• Casket Graphics
• Custom Design Headstones
• Floral Arrangements
• Pre-need/Pre-Arrangements
• Easy Access to Vaults and Spacious Environment
• Burial Search
• Granite and Memorialisation
• Care and Maintenance
• Grave Maintenance
• Proper Endowment of Cemetery

Mr. Carlton Lloyd Doyley has been providng Westmoreland and its environs with the finest furniture and cabinet making. He has brought this expertise to the Funeral Home and has fashioned a long line of caskets - sleek, elegant and beautiful, all at an affordable cost to the customer.

Mr. Robert Anthony Doyley another proprietor of Doyley’s Funeral Service brings to Doyleys his expertise in Mortuary Science – Certified embalmer. He will cater to your emotional well being.

Making decisions before need on type of memorialisation and purchase of memorial property allows you and your loved ones to rest assured that the best decision was made. Our professional memorial counsellors are also available to help you make your personal choices.

Purchase of memorial property before need is an act of mutual love and understanding. It allows you to gather with your loved ones to make the selection of your final resting place.

Please see us first. We promise to take care of you and your loved ones. Call our office at 955-2501 or email us at with questions or to make an appointment.

Only Government contracted funeral home in Westmoreland;24 hour helpline;In-home arrangement;Prayer for the bereaved family
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Build & repair furniture
Pre-plan arrangements
Funeral Arrangements
Vault - for public cemetery, funeral plot & church cemetery
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