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Store Layout & Design is as unique a company as the projects that are created here. Whether bringing to life creative and functional room designs, custom furniture pieces, play houses and theme spaces or providing high quality corporate presentations, exhibits, trade show booths and promotional materials
Store Layout & Design is a thoroughly unique business.

Store Layout & Design was originally founded in 2005 and specialised in the creation of fully unique and customised interior spaces. Under the creative direction of Michael Grant, the spaces imagined and brought to life for clients became popular for their creativity and beauty. The fantasy can only become reality through the real life professional artisans, craftsmen and contractors who are brought together for each space based on their experience and skills. Clients from all over Jamaica boast of our designed, fabricated and installed spaces.

Store Layout & Design products are all custom-built to order by experienced craftsmen dedicated to the production of high quality, man-made pieces. Premium materials are used in the production of each piece to ensure that everyone will maintain its original strength and beauty. We believe in the value of craftsmanship, the importance of quality and the beauty of imagination.

Store Layout & Design is a 100% Jamaican family owned operated business dedicated to bringing the complete decor solution. Store Layout & Design provide a complete service including detailed analysis, layout design, installation and more. Store Layout & Design do the job from start to finish. Decor packages and custom pieces are available. Store Layout & Design offer point of purchase displays, signage and much more to enhance the product offerings.
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