Stronghold Data Solutions Ja Ltd

The Full Service Records Management Company
9 Molynes Rd Kingston 10 Jamaica876-908-3073
Typical records management problems clients face are growing volumes of records in limited space, lost or misplaced documents, damaged records and unauthorised access of records by individuals. Stronghold provides solutions to these problems.

Stronghold provides services to the business, legal, banking, health, government and retail sectors. Each industry has unique requirements. Stronghold is a solutions company therefore we strive to understand our clientís requirements and then build a response based on the needs rather than pushing inflexible products and services. Outsourcing is about trust Ė companies must trust their outsourcing partner whether itís being the custodian of their records, printing sensitive data or authorising financial transactions.

Highly secure;Fast & Efficient Delivery;State of the art bar-coding system;Itemised Billing
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