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Visual-Tech Solutions Limited is an audio/visual company duly incorporated under the laws of Jamaica that provides high quality video productions, audio reinforcement and multimedia services. The company is also registered and is in good standing with the National Contracts Commission (NCC) and supplies goods and services to the Government of Jamaica. We commenced operations in February 2008 and currently satisfies a high demand for the supply and installation of A/V systems to small, medium and large commercial operations, educational institutions, churches and entertainment promoters. Visual-Tech Solutions boasts a wide-based clientele directly attributed to the diverse skills and reputation of the Company’s highly trained and widely experienced Managing Director and Supporting Staff. Our projector repair division is one of the best in the Caribbean
we attach the manufacturers’ projector warranty to all projectors sold by us. If a projector is purchased from us and becomes defective within the warranty period, we will provide a loaner, free of cost while the projector is being repaired or replaced.

Visual-Tech Solutions Ltd is the only audio/visual company in Jamaica which offers the broadest range of audio/visual products and services:-

- Rental, sales and installation of

- Video conferencing systems
- Live web casting/streaming - Video recording and editing
- 3D and 2D animation
- 3D and 2D mapping
- Basic to ultra bright projectors
- Electronic and manual wall mounted and portable projection screens
- Wireless presenters
- Seamless switchers and processing units
- LCD monitors with floor stand
- Powerful laptops
- PA system, DJ consoles and party sound equipment
- Wireless, lapel and headset microphone
- Digital and analog mixers
- Front of house system including processing rack
- Backline system and instruments
- Projector comprehensive servicing and repair

Our aim is getting to know our customers to be able to tailor our products and solutions in order to satisfy up to the very intricate of concepts and ideas expressed, especially in a Boardroom or training room installation solution.

End result - we offer the very best in audio/visual systems and solutions at the highest standards while keeping within our customers' budgets. We never compromise on quality.

Our work speaks for itself...
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