Keffie Ann Duncombe Breast Cancer Survivor

In honour of breast cancer awareness month, this series will highlight stories of strong women in the community who have won their battle with this life-changing illness. Keffie Ann Duncombe from the Bahamas shares her unique journey with us; how she is and has been coping, and what messages she has to share. This is … Continued

How to Break into Lucrative Destination Wedding Planning in Jamaica

    Wedding planners have the mammoth task of planning and executing what is supposed to be a once in a lifetime occasion for many families and so, great talent, time management and tenacity is needed to build a reputation that speaks for itself. Clients will spend anywhere from JMD$150,000 to millions on their dream … Continued

9 Best Tips for Marketing Your Cause

    In October 1985, the American Cancer Society in partnership with a pharmaceutical company founded the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which would happen in October annually. The goal was to increase awareness of the disease and raise money for research into finding a cure, better treatment, early detection and more. From that early … Continued

Global Directories Extends Footprint into Guyana 

Kingston, Jamaica: Wednesday, January 27, 2016: Global Directories, the largest local directory publisher in the Caribbean, has announced the acquisition of the publishing rights for Guyana Yellow Pages. The announcement was made during a signing ceremony at the GTT Headquarters in George Town Guyana on Tuesday January 26th. This acquisition means that local businesses in … Continued

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