Back to school Jamaica Yellow PagesWhile the children enjoy the final weeks of summer; the parents are getting into “Back to School” mode. Ah yes, it’s that time again when the parents begin putting together their “things to do list” for their children’s first day back at school. The first rule of back to school is; start early. Avoid the rush by getting a head start on your back to school shopping.

Next, develop a budget and a simple check list of the required items and supplies your children need to return to the classroom. An easy way to find the stores in your area is through the Yellow Pages.

Back to School lists tend to be extensive, so start by prioritizing your needs. Should you purchase the uniforms first or the text books? We’ll if you’re on a tight budget here’s an easy tip. Find out from the school the text books that will be used in the first semester of school and purchase those first, this will give you adequate time throughout the school year to purchase the remaining books for the 2nd semester. Also be sure to shop around for books and stationery to compare prices, you never know what deals you may find. Don’t have the time to shop around? Then check out Kingston Book Shop or Sangster’s Books Store your one stop shop where book bags, lunch bags, pencil cases, crayons, pens and pencils are readily available.

With the evolution of technology computers and tablets have become essential learning tools for children of all ages. While prices and brands vary, stores such as Courts or Amazing PC can provide you with some of the best deals and wide variety of technological aids.

Now that the school supplies have been checked let’s now focus on getting them to look their best for back to school. Looking spotless on the first day of school is a familiar sight in the Caribbean where students wear uniforms to school. Traditionally, fabric was purchased from a fabric shop and then taken to a dress maker or seamstress to complete. However, many uniform stores such as Laura Lou Enterprise Ltd, now offer uniforms for many of our schools as a convenient alternative.

Is your child no longer wearing uniforms? University or private school students may still want to upgrade their wardrobe with casual and comfortable clothing: tops, jeans and shorts are all popular choices which can be purchased from Lees Fifth Avenue which stocks trendy clothes and shoes.

The specified school shoes and socks are also an essential part of uniforms; thus many shoe stores offers a variety of varied colours, sizes and styles to ensure every child gets a comfortable fitting shoe. Hair grooming for both girls and boys is necessary and increasingly, beauty salons and barbers are extending special discounts so students can have an opportunity to step out looking their best. Check out Little Divas n Kings salon to attend to your child’s hair care.

Times are hard as such many financial institutions offer Back to School Loans for tuition and education expenses. Take the stress off, talk with a loans officer at Jamaica National or Kris an Charles Investment to see how they can help with an education loan.

Finally, don’t forget to take your children for a check-up at the doctor or optician to ensure they are in shape for the upcoming school term. Parents, your list should be complete! Now relax and enjoy the final weeks of summer… until the school bell rings!