Wedding in Jamaica Yellow PagesJYP Guide to Planning for the Big Day 

Congratulations you’re engaged!  Now what? Don’t wait for the euphoria of the announcement to fade before getting your plans in gear for the Big Day. Planning your wedding needn’t cause you to pull out your hair, just take a deep breath….ready? Let’s get started.

First things first -Know your limit$: This might seem to be a tough call when you don’t know how much the elements of an event costs, but this will be the single-most critical step in the planning cycle.  If you set an upper-limit on your spend considering your savings and your family contributions you’ll be able to negotiate with vendors and identify the difference between the ‘nice-to-haves’ and the ‘must-haves’ for your day. Next; start putting together a list of your invited guest. This list can sometimes be exhaustive, but once you estimate a cost per person your guest list will eventually start shrinking. Don’t worry they’ll understand.

Protect the Bling: With an engagement ring’s value often exceeding the groom-to-be’s monthly salary by up to 3-times, It’s a good idea to get protection against loss or theft. Select an appraiser and insurer to safeguard the value of your ring. BCIC offers a Home ‘Cover-All” contents insurance that will cover the ring.

 Get Organized: Create a dedicated wedding binder to store all your samples, quotations and product brochures.  Download wedding checklists from the vast array of wedding sites online or if you are so inclined, create your own spreadsheets with to-do’s, timelines and budgets. But if you’re not the “do it yourself” kind of person; it’s always easier to seek the advice and expert consultation from a trained and experienced wedding planner.

Location, location, location: Choosing the spot where the magical moment will take place will be a key decision for you and your fiancé.  The venue sets the tone and should reflect the memories that you want to make. Be it a formal ballroom, such as the Venetian at the Terra Nova   a garden setup at  Boone Hall Oasis or a relaxed ceremony on the sands at a North Coast resort, be sure to consider the factors such as wedding size, travelling distance for relatives and friends but most of all you and your spouse preference.  Don’t forget to prepare for the unexpected, so check the weather forecast and ensure that your wedding reception venue has a contingency if rain falls.

Assemble your A-Team: Finding a top-notch team to make your day a huge success requires research, research, research. Depending on the size of your wedding and your ability to manage the full-time needs of pulling together an event with lots of moving parts, you may wish to hire a professional wedding planner to be the architect of your event.   Consider a full service provider such as Petals & Promises or  Tai Flora to ease the stress of planning your “Big Day”. From the save the date and invitation to the place-cards and guest tokens, choosing a designer who can connect the dots between your personalities, the wedding themes and all the messages you want to share with your guests is an important decision.  Chronicles Ltd has a wide assortment of invitation styles to suit even the most unique wedding theme.

Lilies or Roses: Flowers will be a significant investment whether your event is indoors or out – so you need to find professional florists that have the capacity to build your event’s floral decor.  All Wrapped Up  has decked the aisles of some of Jamaica’s most gorgeous weddings – transforming spaces with their range of local and imported buds

“Say yes to the dress”: When international wedding expert, Randy Fenoli ‘Says yes to the Dress’, you know it’s going to be a hit.  That’s why picking the perfect dress entails a boatload of research. From contemporary to traditional bridal attire choose a dress that will compliment your figure, personal style and most of all one that you’ll be happy with. Some would say this is the most important moment in planning a wedding. You can make an appointment with Beautiful Brides & Mr Tux who has a wide variety of styles and colours to meet your need. Off course no decision is final without the support, recommendation and approval of your closest friends and relatives. So choose a team of persons to accompany you while you fit the “dress of your dreams”. Oh don’t forget the wedding party, they too have to be involved, style and colour is of utmost importance in determining whether you’ll smile or frown at your wedding photos.

What’s on the menu: Finding a caterer to satisfy your taste buds can be a daunting task. First you must consider the time of day for your wedding, next the any dietary restrictions of your wedding party and specially invited guests. If the reception venue doesn’t provide food, you will need to compile a list of your favourite caterers , tell them about the plans for your wedding and request they proved you with a menu. If you already know what items you want on your wedding menu then this will simplify the process.  Now once that’s taken care of, they say that “the proof in in the pudding”. Most caterers such as Chung’s Catering Services can provide you with a tasting session where you get to sample various items from the menu before making your decision. Be sure to request this when choosing a suitable caterer.

Feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry find everything Bridal at Kingston Bridal Week, September 22nd – 29th at the Jamaica Pegasus. All your wedding supplies and services under one roof.  Plus the chance of a lifetime to meet and receive a personal consultation with TLC “Say yes to the dress” star Randy Fenoli