St. Thomas is found in the county of Surrey, on the easterly section of the island. The parish is very mountainous and includes ranges of Port Royal Mountains and the Blue Mountains. There are also several large wetland areas, cliffs and beaches. The parish capital, Morant Bay, was the site of the famous Morant Bay Rebellion in 1865, where national hero, the Rt. Excellent Paul Bogle fought for workers’ rights. St. Thomas is also the birthplace of the Rt. Excellent George William Gordon, another of the island’s national heroes.

St. Thomas Attractions:

  • Statue of National Hero, the Rt. Excellent Paul Bogle
  • Stokes Hall Ruins
  • Stony Gut
  • Judgement Cliffs
  • Johnson River Falls
  • Salt-water Yallahs Pond (Two Brothers Pond)
  • Three Finger Jack’s Cave
  • Morant Bay Parish Church
  • Morant Point Lighthouse – the oldest in the island.
  • Bath Botanical Gardens and Bath Fountain (mineral spring)
  • Cuna Cuna Pass in the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park