China Express Jamaica Yellow PagesJamaican cuisine captures and celebrates the culinary traditions of the island’s many ethnic groups. A variety of sumptuous meals and decadent desserts are available throughout the island, which feature Spanish, English, Chinese and Indian flavours. The most dominant culinary expressions however, are African. Jamaican food not only tastes good, many are also good for you. Recipes rely on natural rather than processed ingredients and on medicinal herbs such as ginger, garlic and other spices which are used extensively as seasonings.

Jamaica is also home to Blue Mountain Coffee – the world’s best coffee – and some of the finest rums and liqueurs, including the award winning Tia Maria coffee liqueur developed in Jamaica in the 1930s.


The national dish of Ackee and Saltfish
– Served with roasted breadfruit and boiled green banana is a Sunday morning delight.

Jerked Pork, Chicken and Fish
– Now international delicacies.

Stewed Peas
– A rich stew made with red kidney beans, beef and salted pig’s tails that is typically served with white rice.

Curried Goat
– Originating from Indo-Jamaican cuisine, this is a popular party dish which is also served at weddings and other celebrations

Escoveitch Fish
– Influenced from the Spanish “escabeche” where the fish is fried and marinated in an acidic mixture of vinegar, hot peppers and carrots.

Mackerel Rundown
– A creamy dish made from mackerel set in coconut milk custard or cream.

Hot Patties
– Flaky crusted pastry filled with minced meat, seafood or vegetable.

– Desserts such as sweet potato pudding, cornmeal pudding, grater cake, and gizzadas.

– Sorrel (Christmas drink), sour sop, mango (whatever is in season).