Ever had that special occasions and didn’t know where to go? Here’s a bit of advice for you “foodies” on choosing the right restaurant for the right occasion:

Restaurant Week JamaicaThe First Date

Choose your setting with care, it can make the difference between the girl/guy who-got-away and the girl/guy of your future.  It might be tempting to pick the most ‘stush’ restaurant possible, but beware that if the target of your affection feels uncomfortable in that setting, your date may end up focusing on which fork to use rather than on you. No bueno. It is a good idea to choose a restaurant with entertainment such as live music, karaoke, or even a sports bar on game night to create icebreakers that help navigate awkward silences. Know your budget and get a heads up on the restaurant’s price range using Jamaicayp.com so that the evening out won’t put your budget out of wack for the rest of the month.

Brunch with the In-laws

They’re family now. So, stay on their good side and plan a bright and easy, comfy afternoon of eating that offers a generous array of menu items and a relaxed pace.  Making a reservation where Uncle Bertram AKA ‘bottomless belly’ can enjoy second and third helpings will you earn you points with the in-laws. Restaurant Week features a few great spots for Sunday Brunch with family. Be sure to consider the size of your family and choose a restaurant that can accommodate a large group.

Hanging with Friends

You and your die-hard buddies have busy professional and personal lives so when you get a chance to catch up, you’ll want to do it big.  Lots of laughter, shared experience and bad karaoke (without judgement) is a great way to reconnect with friends.  Outdoor restaurants or sports bars are always great for large rowdy friends. Plus they offer a wide range of dishes that is sure to cater to your group’s taste preferences. Places such as Cuddyz, Usain Bolt Tracks & Records  offers and indoor experience, but Gloria’s provides a relaxing outdoor atmosphere. Both ideal for groups of any size.

Rekindling the Romance

Whether it’s a first post-baby date night or becalming the seven-year itch, investing the time to relax with just-the-two-of-you will reap big rewards for your relationship.  This is not the time to opt for a loud, distraction-filled scene.  Keep it quiet, keep it elegant and choose a place where service is supreme.  Choose a restaurant with an exotic menu, great wine list and a sensual ambience where you can experience something unexpected together.  Sushi in the hills, a Caribbean-fusion gourmet experience in the city or an Italian bistro in the countryside – take your pick. Sounds perfect!  Restaurants such as Hotel Four Seasons or Terra Nova All Suites among others can provide the perfect ambiance for that special occasion.

The Power Lunch

Selecting a spot to close the deal is all about top notch service, food and an ambience that does not overwhelm.  Your pitch needs to be front and centre, not the restaurant’s bass-heavy sound track. A private dining room and great parking doesn’t hurt.  Consider the preference of your guest, do they prefer Indian, Chinese, or if you’re unsure choose a restaurant that offers a wide selection. Make sure to use your mobile Jamaica Yellow Pages app to call ahead and reserve the best table in the house.

Play Dates with the Kids

If you’re the soccer mom and decide to invite  your child’s entire football  or close friends for a play date then be prepare to feed those little tummies.  Think quick, practical, tastey and on-a budget, hey and why not throw in fun while you’re at it. Kids menus at Fast Food Resturants provide the right portion sizes, combination of carbs and protein to keep these children satisfies.  Whether it be patties, chicken wings or burgers  you’re sure to find a location in your neighbourhood.

But no matter the occasion, find all kinds of restaurants with Jamaica Yellow Pages print, online or mobile. Check the menu pages in the print directory too for a sneak peek of what you can expect.  Be sure to stop by any of these restaurants during Restaurant Week November 8th – 16th.