Whether you choose to spend Labour Day on a do-it-yourself project at home or working in your community, planning guarantees perfect execution, and making the right calls puts you well on your way to getting things done

Do-it-Yourself Labour Day

The first step towards making the most of the year’s only “work-day” holiday is to define what constitutes success—do you want a project that can be completed in a single day, or are you more inclined to use Labour Day as launch day for a major home overhaul. Manage your own expectations by deciding how much time you want to invest.

One project to consider as a single-day project is painting, which is also an easy way to refresh your home. With the ideas and inspiration available at one of the many local paint stores like Sherwin-Williams (W I) Ltd, Superior Paint Centre or B H Paints (W I) Ltd., you can dress your walls up with more than just new coat paint by using patterns and stencils to give your home even more dash.

Another good single-day project is extermination, so if you are having a problem with pesky pests, Kilopest, Caribpest Control & Pesticide (Health) Consultants Ltd, and other Jamaica exterminators have solutions to rid your home of unwelcome insects.

If the garden is more your thing, make your project about creating planter boxes to add colour and form to even the smallest green spaces by visiting your local garden centre. Nature’s Paradise and Evergrow Garden Centre boasts a stunning range of plants and flowers to get your ideas blooming.

Green thumbs can also find their place in larger projects with expert help on plant products and services like those offered by Palm Court Nursery, where trees and large plants can add statement-making landscaping details

Community Labour Day

Up for a bigger project with the support of your neighbours, church group  or co-workers? The first thing to do is to get an expert assessment. Good intentions don’t often mean good results, so it’s best to consult professionals so you will know just how much asphalt patch you will need to fix your road, or how much lumber it will take to repair the roof at that basic school.

Once armed with the assessment, take your materials list to a local hardware retailer like Phil’s Hardware, Rapid True Value, Ace Supercentre and New Budget Supplies.

In the pursuit of a great Labour Day, the question of what to eat should not be too distracting. Whether it’s just you and the kids, or if its 50 of your closest friends, Jamaica Yellow Pages has plenty of choices when it comes to restaurantsKFC is sure to have a restaurant nearest you, no matter where you are.

And when all the Labour Day work is done, continue with your smart planning the next day and book treatments at Breath, Nirvana Day Spa or another relaxing spa to rejuvenate body and soul.

So, go ahead! Make a plan, roll up your shirtsleeves and get your family and friends on board to do some good this Labour Day